Family Photo Album

Hi there...this is me Isaac... Mom said I got all the good looks and no brains. I have a stomach ulcer and think I know something about Zappa but I really don't know jack-fucking-shit.

bert.jpg (14812 bytes)

This is my twin brother Fredo En Regalia. We were born 4 minutes apart. Fredo made medical history when he fell out of my mom's ass during birth. His retarded dog shits all over the house. I hate him.

This here's my new friend beatlecunt13. We had our "First Date" last night. Wowie Zowie!!!! This little fruit could suck the chrome off a
1972 Dodge Pick-Up Truck.

walt.jpg (9916 bytes)

Here's another of my many boyfriends... Chris Ferderico. We call him Montazumas Revenge cause he has a rectal infection that makes him poop alot. He uses his own man-goo for finger painting and writing Frank Zappa books. I think his writings caused a small town to die once.


This here's my cousin/uncle Underwoods_Son. When he gets out of the home for wayward boys he is not allowed to be around animals or PCs.
He adores Anne Murray and cock.

MyDad.jpg (11433 bytes)

My mom says she is almost positive that Sparlatacus is my dad. He lives in a Federal Penitentiary in Canada. When he gets out in 55 years we are going fishing and felching.

Larry.jpg (6327 bytes)

This is my sisters boyfriend for now. His name is dylanthedouche. He fixes lawn mowers in the city. My sister says he has a hairy ass.

Sue.jpg (7467 bytes)

This here is Becky. She's cranky. We met her on the 'net. Nobody really knows who she is or where she came from but we all still hit on her.

molly.jpg (8954 bytes)

This is my sister Freda. Mom said she just showed up at our trailer home one day and never left. She bit the mailman. She loves to drink water from the toilet bowl. She smokes cigarettes and her cunt stinks real bad.

zeke.jpg (8732 bytes)

Charlie dates my grand mom. He grows pumpkins on 7 acres of land. He likes chasing grand mom through the pumpkin patch in nuthin' but his underwear.

 willy.jpg (9996 bytes)

We found Manny The Camper sleeping under our trailer one night. Mom is teaching him how to use toilet paper. He loves having our doggie Sparks hump his leg until it ejaculates. He really wants to buy some WHITE GAS!!

StepBrotherPhil.jpg (6785 bytes)

This is my step brother Herb. He had a hunting accident years ago. It's hard to understand him sometimes and he always stinks like rotten cheese.

Dentist.jpg (6834 bytes)

This is Barney. He is pretty smart. He got to the 4th grade. He is going to be a dentist some day. He loves anal ring toss and Menudo. He does all the work on our teeth too.

Michael.jpg (6708 bytes)

This is Ted. He used to be my best friend. He got hit by a bus on the interstate. I still wear his underwear.

Jethro.jpg (8234 bytes)

Mack is my 1st cousin. He runs a hub cap stand down by the highway. He once went 53 days without taking a bath.

Paul.jpg (7070 bytes)

This is my sister's boyfriend Fran. He is running for Mayor in the city. He hates kids and old people. Our neighbor Mrs. Dot is taking him to court for spitting on her baby. He also wants to ban wheelchairs in the city.

SisterJill.jpg (7213 bytes)

My younger sister Joy lost all her teeth. She was licking a egg beater after mom made a cake and my cousin Jimmy turned it on by accident.

Jake.jpg (11338 bytes)

Stevie holds the park record. He once jumped over 7 trailers. He crashed alot and talks real slow now. His doctor told him to wear a helmet.

eddie.jpg (13566 bytes)

My cousin Connor went to New York this summer. A piece of the Statue Of Liberty fell off and hit him in the head. Eddie now has the I.Q. of a tomato plant.

smitty.jpg (8063 bytes)

This is my 3rd cousin Red. Red works in a dog collar factory in the city. He works 10 hours a day, 6 days a week. Every electric dog collar is tested on Red before they are shipped to the store. This is why he don't function so good.

BrotherBarney.jpg (6841 bytes)

We are proud of my older brother Stan. He is a real lady killer here in park. He wants to be a gangster and can even write his own name.

boomer.jpg (8983 bytes)

This is my half brother Loyd. He is going to be a cop one day. He already patrols the interstate and stops the bad people who still
have dial-up internet.


UncleMarky.jpg (15276 bytes)

Uncle Thomas is still having issues. He doesn't know where the bowl is. He is a Veitnam War hero and now sells panties at a department store.
His favorite album of all time is the Sleep Dirt CD.

MyMom.jpg (6588 bytes)

This is mom. She has lots of boyfriends. One of them has a job. She says with a little luck I could be a garbage man one day.

Grandmom.jpg (5831 bytes)

Grandmom lives with us in our trailer. She smells real bad. She likes to hang out in bars and drink beer. Grandma has sores all over. The flies are terrible.

2kids.jpg (10644 bytes)

These are 2 kids we throw stuff at. There used to be 3 of them. Mom says we can't throw heavy stuff no more.

granny.jpg (8600 bytes)

My great grandmother is lots of fun. She still chews tobacco and rides a bicycle. Grandma dates younger men with teeth.